30 Apr, 2018

Online Bidding Auctions 101




The majority of Maynards’ auctions are held on-site with a simultaneous webcast over the Internet. The simultaneous online bidding auction webcast service allows a global audience to participate in our sales as and permits local buyers to bid from the comfort of their home or office.

Due to the increase in popularity of on-line buying, we regularly find that 20-30% of any particular auction’s sales are conducted over the Internet. Bidding online is easy and fun, and an ideal alternative if you are not able to attend an auction in person.

Maynards also holds online-only auctions on a regular basis.

These online bidding auctions are particularly useful when a client has a few individual pieces of equipment located in various locations around the world.  Shipping a few items to a central location to hold an on-site auction is not always cost efficient.  With the use of an on-line auction, however, a company can quickly turn surplus assets into needed cash without disrupting employees’ routines.


How To Bid Online:

Click on the “Bid Online Now” button on the event listing to enter the online bidding auctions.

If you want to bid at an Industrial event, click on the “Bid Online Now” button on the event listing and you’ll be taken to the Bidspotter.com introductory page.  If you are a first-time online bidder, click on “Learn How To Bid!” for full, simple details.  If you are a returning Bidspotter.com user, click on “Register for this Auction” and you will be able to place your bids.

If you are bidding at a Fine Art & Antiques event, click on the “Bid Online Now” button and you will be asked to register through ArtFact.com.  To register for the auction, you will enter contact and payment details.  You will then be able to place absentee bids, watch items, and bid live online.  If you have any questions, please contact the Fine Art & Antiques department at 604.675.2228 and they will be glad to assist.